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Bluthner Digital Model One
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Comparitive Analysis

Here are several comparisons of Blüthner Digital Model 1 (BDMO) and other sampled pianos, with audio commentary by Dan Dean.

A comparison of the sustain richness (pedal down samples) in the tone. Play

Here is the midi file used for this test please note that the tempo in your sequencer should be set to 120 BPM. Play

A comparison of the low level timbre, inherent noise and noise floor of the BDMO and other competing popular piano libraries (narrated by Dan Dean). Play

A comparison of richness and low level detail of the BDMO versus several other prominent digital pianos. This uses an excerpt from Debussy's Arabesque No. 1 in E. Play

Lady Madonna Piano Comprarison

Here is PAV's demo of Lady Madonna with the Blüthner Digital Model One. Play

This sound was derived from the Pop Rock Timbral Impulse number 43. This example includes the original percussion timing (same arrangement different timbre).

Here is East West's demo of Lady Madonna from their sampling CD Fab Four. Play