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Bluthner Digital Model One
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BDMO - Blüthner Digital Model One

Bluthner Digital Model OneSamplist Dan Dean from Dan Dean Productions and audio architect Ernest Cholakis from Numerical Sound have joined forces in creating the new "Bluthner Digital Model One" Grand Piano release in Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player format today.

Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Multiple Layers and Multiple Timbres, Recorded "dry". Extremely Wide Timbral Range. All the very low level detail of the piano has been captured with noise free pppp, ppp and pp samples Convolution.

The BDMO comes loaded with 3 types of custom designed Convolution: Timbral, Reverb and Sustain. Timbral Impulse Groups. With the push of a button, you can instantly transform the BDMO's sound into one of over 260 discretely different pianos from seven TI. Linear db Keyboard Velocity & True Piano Dynamics, Variable Sustain Pedal Ready, Keyboard Scaling of the Dynamic Range, Variable Tuning at a per chord rate !

Compact and Portable

Concentrated enough to use on your laptop. Unlike many of the "mega-pianos" the BDMO was designed with size in mind. Concentrated and ultra-powerful, the Blüthner Digital Model One will run on a laptop and even with 12 layers pedal up and down (24+ stereo samples per note) and advanced convolution.

Skywalker Studios Mixing RoomRecorded at Skywalker Studios

BDMO was entirely sampled and edited by Ernest Cholakis and Dan Dean at the Skywalker Studios, north of San Francisco, California, one of the largest, most versatile full-service post-production facilities in the world.

  $199.00 US

Download the BDMO manual (PDF format, 19 MB, opens in new window)