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Blüthner Digital Model One sampled piano library

Blüthner Digital Model One (BDMO) is a sampled piano library (virtual instrument) that can play on a Mac or PC. All that is required is a midi or USB keyboard. The library includes Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player so no additional software is required to play back this piano.

The piano was released in May 2007 and has been reviewed by Sound on Sound, Keyboard USA, Virtual Instruments and Electronic Musician. BDMO is the sampled piano library of many renowned musicians, including Academy Award-winning songwriter Luis Resto, Grammy winning composers such as George Duke, Russell Ferrante, Jay Graydon, Don Grusin, Keith Levenson, Oscar Castro-Neves are using the Blüthner Digital Model One in there current projects.

The Blüthner Digital Model One is an officially licensed product of Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik, GmbH

Recorded at Skywalker Sound™ (a division of Lucasfilm, Ltd.) - one of the quietest studios in the world (both physically and electronically). Superb acoustics, excellent technical implementation and hand selected microphones, cables, preamps with Pacific Microsonics™ digital converters optimize the "front end" for the highest detail sample recordings.

Physical Modelling was use to change the overall tone of the piano to mimic other size pianos, makes and even uprights as well as matching the sound of many famous recordings in the fields of Pop, Jazz, Classical and R&B.

Compare Sampled Piano Libraries

Only the Blüthner Digital is a high quality piano that occupyies a compact amount of hard disc space so that it can be used on a portable, and leave space for other plugins and virtual instruments.

Compare Blüthner Digital Model One, at 6 Gigs to:

  • Quantum Leap Pianos - 263 GB for a complete installation of the 3 pianos with all mic positions. Bechstein 73 GB, Bösendorfer 87 GB, Steinway 58 GB, Yamaha 46 GB.
  • Garritan - 67 GB for all the mic positions at 24 bit or 42 GB for all the mic positions at 16 bit.
  • Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos - Over 40 GB
  • Galaxy II - 30 GB

Compare Sound Quality

Compare sound quality of the Blüthner Digital Model One playing real piano recordings (Alexander Paley on Blüthner Records) and ProAudioVault's competitors Ivory, Quantum Leap Pianos, Garritan Steinway, Galaxy II all performing Chopin Scherzo Number 2, Op 31 in Bb Minor.