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Demos of the Bluthner Digital Model One
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Demos - Classical

Demo from Dominique David

Play rendered Midi files with the BDMO

"I own many different sampled pianos. But the BDMO became rapidly my first choice for daily use, as BDMO reveals much more colors and subtleties, along with a great presence. Playing a sampled piano for hours becomes possible as the sound is so mellow, not aggressive. Some classical pieces like the 13th Chopin Study require extremely high polyphony. A laptop computer is perfectly able to run more than 200 BDMO voices from the internal harddisk without any problem.

"Since I began my project for classical piano interpretation, it is really the very first time I get such convincing results. Your piano (and your comments) finally turned my 15 years old dream in truth. I am now considering to record a full piano CD using the same approach."

- Dominique David

Demos by Ernest Cholakis

Here is the Chopin Prelude in C minor (Op 28 no. 20) on the Blüthner Digital Model One. The Variable pedal patch and 45% dynamic range was chosen. Included is also the tempi map of this sequence (done on Logic 8). The tempi changes on every quarter note of this sequence. Play demo.

Here is a movie where you can see the tempo changes (in logic 8) and hear the piano performance. Play movie View close up perspective

Here is the first 39 bars of Eric Satie composition Gymnopedie No. 1 performed on the Blüthner Digital Model One. This is the default patch with the original piano tone (no equalization or Timbral Impulses) and a large Concert Hall (R70 Clear). Play demo

Demos Inspired by Glenn Gould

Here are several midi renderings inspired by the 1981 Glenn Gould recording of the Bach's Aria from the Goldberg Variations. The midi file was done by Ernest Cholakis.

You can see and hear Glenn Gould perform this aria live in the studio at YouTube (note that this is very close but it is not identical to the 1981 studio recording).

The BDMO audio files do not use any sustain pedal or reverberation. All you are hearing are pedal up samples. The dynamic range chosen was 65.

Here is the BDMO out of the box with no processing

1863 Bluthner piano
1863 Blüthner Grand Piano

The aria but with Custom TI no. 6. (custom section). The BDMO timbre has been adjusted so it sounds like an 1863 Blüthner owned by Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Co. (Los Angeles). Serge Kasimoff is at the piano. Play demo


1863 Bluthner upright piano
1908 Blüthner Upright Piano

The Goldberg Aria but played with a Timbral Impulse no. 7 (Custom section) so that it sounds like a 52" 1908 Blüthner owned by Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Co. Play demo


Here is the Goldberg Aria played with a Timbral Impulse no. 9 so that it sounds like a 48" Blüthner Upright is owned by Kasimoff-Blüthner Piano Co. Play demo

This piano was a favorite of Henry Mancini who preferred an upright over a grand piano in his movie scores.

Here is the Goldberg Aria played with Timbral Impulse no. 50 (Classical Section) which has a resonance similar to the Glenn Gould recording (strong midrange). Play demo