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Demos of the Bluthner Digital Model One
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Demos - Talking

The piano "vocal example" is a piano sequence with the first 7 vocal timbral impulses that change every 6 beats (3/4 time). The vowels heard in order are the ee sound in sea, the i sound in bit, the e sound in bet, the a sound in bat, the ah sound in hot the r sound in bird and the u sound in but. You cannot automate the impulses change at this point however you can still do it in a DAW by rendering the same midi file but with a different vocal impulse. Once you have the 7 vocal piano performances you inport them into a DAW then use automation to highlight each vocal resonance track in this performance. Play vocal demo

Here is the same track with the BDMO as it sounds without any timbral impulses or reverb. Play vocal demo

Here is the midi file used in this example. Please note that the tempo in your sequencer should be set to 80 BPM (3/4 time signature) Midi File