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About Ernest Cholakis

Ernest Cholakis

Ernest Cholakis has worked with music and computers for over 25 years.

In the mid 1990's he developed rhythm technology in the form of DNA Groove Templates and later the Feel Injector Templates (Pro Tools) that have been adopted by all the major DAW sequencers such as Digidesign, Digital Performer, Logic, Cakewalk and Steinberg.

Cholakis has written an article in Sound on Sound (Nov. 2005 DVD 2) on the challenge of accurately re-creating music dynamics with the current generation of samplers including Tascam's GigaSampler, Apple's Logic EXS24, Native Instruments Kontakt, Propellerheads Reason NN-XT and ReDrum, MOTU's Mach Five, Steinberg's Hallion and IK Multimedia's SampleTank.

The Sound On Sound article May 2002 called Hit Factors was an article written by Craig Anderton on Cholakis's theory of the Link between Music and Emotional Response. The analysis explores the hidden ingredients that make hit song's successful by appealing directly to our emotions.

Has produced over 25 products for the contemporary musician, professional and serious amateur composer.

In 1999 Cholakis was commissioned by The National Ballet of Canada to recreate on a Yamaha Disklavier (player piano) the 1981 Glen Gould performance of the Aria from Bach?s Goldberg Variations to premiere in November 1999.

As well, Cholakis has worked with composers developing original sound materials or "palettes". In 1996 Cholakis created original sound palettes for composer Christos Hatzis' composition "Footprints in New Snow" which won the International Prix Italia music award judged by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

As well as collaborating with avant garde composers and analyzing classical music, Cholakis has worked extensively with musician's original acoustic performances. Cholakis has co-produced the world's most recorded drummer Bernard Purdie, the world's most sampled drummer Clyde Stubblefield and top Reggae drummer Sly Dunbar.

Many of Cholakis' unique drone tones have been used in many feature films, film trailers and TV by many well known film composer and several Movie Studios such as Paramont Pictures, Warner Brothers and Lions Gate Entertainment have licensed material directly from Numerical Sound.

Numerical Sound has had loops, groove templates and reverberation impulses in such products as Digidesign's Pro Tools, Tascam's GigaPulse, Bias Inc. sound editor program Peak, and Cakewalk's Sonar, and Mark of the Unicorn's (MOTU) Digital Performer.

Website: Numerical Sound